Young Journalists’ Network

Young Journalists’ Network

In September, 2019, Democracy Lab, in partnership with the US Embassy Skopje and Municipality of Gostivar, designed, developed, and opened the Gostivar Youth and Community Center (GYCC). The youth center serves the community as an open and safe space for community members to develop relationships and increase their civic participation. This space is also open for civil society organizations, youth groups, informal organizations, and other institutions to utilize for their community outreach programs and meetings. Aside from simply providing space, the GYCC is dedicated to youth development. Our dedicated staff facilitated a series of non-formal youth education programs, including: leadership, youth employability, English club, creativity. To increase youth participation these programs are offered in Albanian, Macedonian, and English. Through these programs, we encourage Gostivar’s youth to develop practical life skills and foster an inclusive environment.

Within the first year of operation, the GYCC has already cemented itself as an institution and hub within Gostivar. The space has remained consistently active, with over 7000 repeat visitors, 200 events, and 15 implemented programs. The success of our first year has sparked interest across North Macedonia and attempts develop youth and community centers mirroring the GYCC are underway. With guaranteed funding for 3 additional years, we are confident the GYCC will continue to cement itself within Gostivar, sparking public debate, providing opportunities for civic activism, and fostering an inclusive and supportive sense of community.


Start Date:

December 27, 2023

End Date:

September 30, 2020


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