Project PeaceTech Exchange - Macedonia

Project PeaceTech Exchange - Macedonia

PeaceTech Exchange: Macedonia, implemented from June 01, 2017 to March 31, 2018 was a partnership between Democracy Lab and PeaceTech Lab, an American organization focusing on utilizing technology to accelerate and scale peacebuilding efforts, and supported by the U.S. Embassy in Macedonia. The initial phase of PeaceTech Exchange: Macedonia, was the PTX Macedonia Tech Camp, a workshop that connected CSOs, journalists, and the government with low cost technology, used to promote good governance and data-driven advocacy. Democracy Lab engaged 12 expert technologists to achieve this goal and overcome the dearth of reliable data in Macedonia.

During the workshop, organizations developed project ideas that promoted the importance of data-driven advocacy and the role it plays in government transparency. Democracy Lab provided post-workshop funding and tech-mentorship to assist the most qualified organizations in project implementation. As a result, three projects were implemented:

  • - a project implemented by Nexus- CIvil Concept with the aim to increase civic participation in solving local issues.
  • D.A.T.A - a special team within Metamorphosis to turn data into visualisation; and
  • YEF - created a platform to inform students and to monitor elections and the work of Students Unions.


Start Date:

December 27, 2023

End Date:

March 31, 2018


  • US Embassy


  • PeaceTech Exchange - Washington DC
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