Open Days at Municipality & Training in Struga

Open Days at Municipality & Training in Struga

In partnership with the Community Center of Struga Municipality, Democracy Lab engaged the Municipality of Tetovo in an open day, enabling citizens to directly communicate their needs to the relevant decision makers. The open day engaged over 100 citizens in dialogue with the Sector of Urban Planning and Sector of Economic Development.

The success of this open day, led Democracy Lab to form an open line of communication with the Municipality of Tetovo. Democracy Lab, utilizing its own capacities, held a second open day, engaging over 100 citizens in dialogue with the Department of Finance, Department of Environment, and Department of Public Relations. Going forward, we hope to maintain this collaboration with the Municipality of Tetovo, and push for continued opportunities to promote government transparency.


Start Date:

December 27, 2023

End Date:

February 08, 2021


  • Open Society Foundation North Macedonia


  • Community Center of Struga Municipality
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